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Children and Chiropractic Care

Why do children need chiropratic care? It depends on age, activity level, and symptoms. Is it safe? Yes, very safe for all ages!

We most often work with babies who have torticollis or trouble turning their heads. The baby may favor feeding on one side and experience latching problems as a result. For breastfeeding mothers, this can make feeding more challenging. If this persists long enough, it can cause tension or impingement of the nerves that supply the muscles involved in latching, as well as other developmental issues.

As kids grow, they inevitably get bumps and bruises just from playing. However, everyday things such as carrying an overloaded backpack can sometimes cause shoulder, neck, back pain. This too may cause improper nerve flow to the muscles or adversely affect the child's long-term development.

Chiropractic care is gentle, safe, and effective. It can easily be modified to care for patients of every age. With infants and babies, this involves using gentle touch, massage, and stretching. The more children grow, the more their muscles and bones develop. Because of this, we can transition into more traditional chiropractic adjusting and the use of drop-table and instrument assisted techniques.

Not sure if your child needs chiropractic care? Stop in or call Dr. Huey (814) 482-1605.

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