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About Us

At Backcountry Spine & Sport, we offer a variety of services to help you reach your goals!

Our mission is to restore health, improve function, and increase performance. We do this by integrating manual therapy with rehabilitation/performance. Re-developing proper movement patterns with spinal manipulation and functional soft tissue treatment allows patients and athletes to reach the next level of rehab, performance, and lifestyle. 

Not only do we utilize the most advanced spinal and joint manipulation protocols, but we also focus on soft tissue modalities. In order for our athletes and patients to perform optimally, we have been trained in Graston, Active Muscle Release, and cupping therapy. These are innovative soft tissue techniques assist in breaking up adhesions from overuse injuries such as muscle pulls, tendonitis, or even a sprained ankle. We also use a specialized form of joint support taping, called RockTape, designed to aid recovery by supporting the muscles, tendons, and joints in their natural movements without prohibiting, but in fact, enhancing their movement.

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Morgan Huey, DC

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Joshua Feldbauer, DC MS

Best of State College 2020 Best Chiropractor, Best New Business
Best of State College

Check out this wonderful write up about us in State College Magazine's Best of State College Awards!

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Community Events

Serving our community is one of our favorite things to do outside of the office. Check out some of the places that we've been.

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